Course Outlines OLD PROGRAM ONLY

Each faculty member is required to complete a typed or printed outline for each course taught according to the guidelines contained in Article 20 of the régime pédagogique, and a Vanier College policy of 30/05/96 as reviewed in A-99. The course outline serves to protect both the teacher and the student, and it is the student's right to receive a copy within the first week of classes.

The department coordinator (A-208) must receive three copies in the first week of classes, as the Dean has instructed us to approve the outlines before forwarding them to her office in week two. The following format is only a suggestion; however, all information below that is applicable to your course must be contained in your outline. Please review the comment sheet if you received one from me last semester after you submitted your course outlines.

NON-INSTRUMENTAL COURSES: Please note that relevant course outlines must include the new college statement on Cheating and Plagiarism (see below under "Policies").

FIRST/SECOND INSTRUMENT: Please note that a detailed mark breakdown must be provided for the portion of the course for which you are responsible (except where 100% is based on a jury exam).


Course Name Course Number (8 numbers and/or letters) Semester (ex. A-01)

Faculty of Social Science, Commerce, Arts & Letters



Office Phone:

Office Hours:

E-mail and Web site (if any):

1. A paragraph listing the course objectives, course structure and content, and teaching techniques.
2. A paragraph stating the Music Department attendance requirement(s) that apply to your course (see attendance policies below), and any participation requirements.
3. A detailed description of mark distribution. This is essential for all courses, including Instrument Lessons, except for semesters in which the mark is entirely based on a jury exam:

Mark Breakdown x %

Mark Breakdown y %

Mark Breakdown z %

Mark Breakdown x %

Please note that ensemble teachers should include performances outside of class time and at college events,including Open House, as a requirement in their course outlines. Failure to attend such events should be considered an absence, which could lead to failure in the course (see "Policies" below).

4. A list of:

5. A bibliography (Article 20, régime pédagogique)

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Policies (one or more will apply to your course):