Vanier College Department of Music

TOPS Recital Regulations


The Vanier College Department of Music “TOPS” recital, in which instrumentalists and ensembles from various categories are chosen to play based on an audition, is held at the last noon recital of the academic year. Auditions for this prestigious concert are held in April—check the concert website for details on date, time and venue for these auditions and the concert.


General Information


·         Soloists: current Vanier music students registered in first instrument with a Vanier teacher are eligible. Students auditioning as soloists may audition ONLY on their first instrument.

·         Ensembles: any small ensemble or combo qualifies to audition for this concert and may include music students who are performing on their second instrument, as long as the ensemble complies with the following:

                                i.            It comprises ONLY currently registered music students in good standing with principal instrument.

                              ii.            One of the principal instrument teachers for a performer in the group listens to a rehearsal before giving permission to audition

·         Students from any level are eligible to audition

·         Auditions are accepted only on the recommendation of principal instrument teachers.

·         Only the principal instrument teacher for a soloist or one of the principal instrument teachers for a combo or ensemble may give permission.

·         Performers must audition with the piece(s) they wish to perform in the concert, and they must submit full information (composer, title, performer names, etc.) in writing prior to the audition.


·         A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 positions are available. Each act is allotted 5-6 minutes (maximum) of performance time, including entering and exiting the stage.


·         Solo performers only may be accompanied one of the department’s official accompanists, by an approved student accompanist, by a Vanier alumnus, or by an external accompanist hired by the student.

·         NO pre-recorded material is allowed. Only live performances are accepted in both the audition and the concert.


·         Auditions will be held at least two weeks before the concert date. The deadline for applying to audition will be approximately two weeks before the audition date.

·         Auditions are closed. Only the jury members and applicants are present in the room.

·         The jury will consists of a minimum of five (5) music teachers from various areas, including the department chair and the concert committee chair.

·         Candidates must discuss the work being presented for 30-45 seconds before beginning to play.

·         Soloists and ensembles selected for the recital will be notified by the end of the audition week.

How to audition

·         Download and print the audition form from

·         Pick up a form from Office A-208

·         Your principal instrument or ensemble teacher can submit your name and audition piece by email.


Performance Categories


The categories for performance are listed below. Please note that in the solo instrumental category, more than one performer may be chosen from each discipline. However, not more than one instrument type is chosen. For example, in the jazz solo category, one electric guitarist might be chosen, as well as one electric bass player and one jazz pianist, but the jury may NOT select two jazz pianists or two guitarists. Note that jazz ensembles may include a vocalist, and that classical ensembles may include a cappella vocal groups.


                 Solo (includes accompanist)                                 Ensemble/Combo





Voice                                         Instrumental





Jazz      Pop      Classical               Jazz         Classical                   Jazz    Pop     Classical