Music Theory (551-306-93)

Faculty of Social Science, Commerce, Arts & Letters

You may access the links from the sideframe. I will be using this space to post messages regarding the course (when and if necessary), and to add supplemental assignments. You will be informed of added material at class. If you miss a class I recommend that you visit this site to see if a new assignment has been added. Information about tests and exams will not be posted here.

You must print all the materials that are provided for 306 in the sidebar (approximately 45 pages). The files entitled "Selected Notes" and "Chorales" must be printed in the first week. The remaining files, which are scores, can be printed a couple of weeks later. Some of the scores occupy a great deal of memory, approaching one meg each, and would be best printed from a computer with high-speed access.

Assignments must be printed on one side of the paper only.

Note that there is a bug in some versions of Netscape when viewing pdf files. When you first load the pdf file, the browser will show that the file is "done" but the window will remain blank. Should this happen, simply click on the "reload" button and the file will appear. If it does not appear, give up and use Explorer.

These pdf files will open in a new window to facilitate their easy printing. If you wish to return to this page you will need to reopen this window by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the screen. The "back" button of the new window will not return you to this page.

(The assignments require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need to download it, click on the icon)