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Setting up FirstClass Mobile on Your iPhone (for students)

FirstClass Mobile is available for download at no cost to existing FirstClass users on the App Store.  Click here to download now.

Once you have downloaded FirstClass Mobile from the App Store, please follow the simple instructions below to configure your iPhone or iPod touch®:

1.      Tap on the FirstClass icon on your device. All other icons on this screenshot are the default Apple icons in their default locations.


2.      Fill in your Server name, User ID and Password. This is the same address you enter on your desktop computer. If you do not know your server name, please contact Doug Robinson via Omnivox Mio.

The top arrow button will allow you to pick between multiple saved server logins if you've configured more than one.


3.      The bottom "i"  button leads you to the following screen:
For a more secure account , turn AutoSave Password Off before you login.


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