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Form tabs
Use this form to provide information about links in containers.
To see the tabs on this form, click the disclosure triangle at "More".

The icon that represents this link.
To change the icon, click it, then click the new icon in the popup list. To see a fuller list of icons, Control-click (Windows, Linux) or Option-click (Mac) the icon.
The name of the link.
A description of the link.
The URL of the object to which this link points (the target object).
To change the URL, type the new URL or drag an object, such as a conference or a web page address icon, to this field.
To create a mailto link, type mailto: followed by the URL.

General tab
This tab provides information about who created the link, where, and when.

The path to the link (not to the target).
The size of the link.
Who created the link.
When the link was created.
When the link was last changed.
Prevents the link from being moved to a different container or deleted. You can still change the link.
Auto open
Makes the link open automatically if the target object is unread (or contains unread items).
Auto open is triggered by someone opening the container in which this link is located.

Advanced tab
Use this tab to specify the type of URL and, where applicable, the connection information needed to access the target object.

Type of URL
The choice in this field determines which of the rest of the fields, if any, are displayed on this tab. URL types are:
Internet URL
A link to a web page.
FirstClass public URL
A link, usable by others, to an object on a FirstClass server.
FirstClass private URL
A link, only usable by you, to an object on a FirstClass server.
Site name
The server domain name.
Site ID
The serial number of the server.
The path to the target object.
User ID
The user ID you use to log into the server containing the target object.
The password you use to log into the server containing the target object.
For security, you may not want to provide this information. If supplied, it will show as plain text.

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