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Form tabs
Use this form to change the look of a window pane.

Default button
Reverts all settings on this form to the FirstClass defaults.
All your settings will revert, not just the ones showing on the active tab.
Apply button
Saves your changes without closing the form.
Clicking Cancel won't undo these changes.

Display tab
Use this tab to specify the view and general display properties for this pane.

Display format
The view you want.
The font family to use for text (for example, Verdana).
The size to use for text.
The value Default uses the default font size for your operating system.
Use color
The color to use for text.
To use anything other than black, you must select both the checkbox and the color you want.
Show vertical gridlines
Displays vertical lines between columns (list view) or the vertical portion of the grid that FirstClass is using to align icons.
Show horizontal gridlines
Displays horizontal lines between rows (list view) or the horizontal portion of the grid that FirstClass is using to align icons.

Lists tab
Use this tab to specify how lists will display in this pane.

Sort on
The column you want to sort on.
The value None lists items in the order they were created, or in the order to which you drag them.
Reverse sort
Reverses the sort order of the column you are sorting on.
Group on
The column on which you want to group.
Collapse all groups
Shows just the first item in all groups.
Show column titles
Displays titles at the tops of columns.
Show row numbers
Displays row numbers to the left of rows.
Variable height rows
Displays list text in multiple lines, if the column width can't accommodate it in one line.

Icons tab
Use this tab to specify icon behavior in this pane.

Lock positions
Locks icons in position so that they can't be moved.
Open with single click
Makes an object open when you click its icon.
Hide titles
Hides the titles of icons.
Width to wrap titles
The number of pixels before an icon title will wrap to the next line.
Resizes icons that are in scaled icon view.
Drag the slider to change icon size.
Arrange automatically
Lays out icons on a grid. As you add or remove icons, they are moved automatically.
The order in which icons are placed follows the sort order you see in list view.
Left to Right
Flows icons horizontally, from row to row.
Top to Bottom
Flows icons vertically, from column to column.
Place on grid
Snaps icons to the grid as you drag them.
Use custom grid
Reveals fields where you define your own custom grid.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
If you select this field, FirstClass will use your custom grid whenever it aligns icons to the grid.

Background tab
Use this tab to specify a background picture for this pane.

Use picture
Applies the picture you select at "Image" to the pane's background.
The picture you want to use as a background.
The picture is previewed on this tab.
Tile picture
Tiles the picture.
Transparent text
Makes the area around icon titles transparent.

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