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Use this form to control how you want to paste the contents of the clipboard.

Paste as
The file format you want pasted contents to use.
For picture contents, you can choose the file format in which the picture will be saved if downloaded.
For non-picture contents, choose one of the following:
Plain Text/Plain Legacy Text
Removes all formatting.
FirstClass Document Content
Preserves all formatting and embedded objects.
Quoted Text
Uses the quoted formatting specified in your preferences.
Rich Text
Preserves RTF-compatible formatting (most formatting).
Link (URL)
Makes the text an active link to the FirstClass object from which you copied the text.
Paste as background image
Pastes the contents as a background picture instead of an embedded picture.
The picture is tiled.
JPEG quality
The level of quality you want FirstClass to use when pasting a picture as a .jpg file.
The higher the quality, the better the resolution, but the bigger the file size.
Convert text to table
Pastes text that is tab, comma, or paragraph delimited as a FirstClass table.
Cell divider
The method used in the copied text to separate cells:
Auto Detect
Looks first for tabs. If there are no tabs, commas are considered to be the cell divider. If there are neither tabs nor commas, paragraphs are the cell divider.
Uses tabs as the cell divider.
Uses commas as the cell divider.
Uses paragraphs as the cell divider.
This is useful if you have manually inserted paragraphs to indicate cell content.

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