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Form tabs
Use this form to have an online conversation with other users who are currently connected to your server.

transcript pane (top left pane)
Records participants' input, as entered in this form's input pane.
input pane (lower pane)
Accepts your instant message input.
You can format your input and embed pictures just as you can in any content.
Send button
Transfers your input from the input pane of this form to the transcript pane, where it is visible to all participants.
Hand Up button
2102006_35208_0.png Only applies to moderated instant messages.
Puts the hand up icon beside your name in the "Participants" list, so that the moderator knows you want to contribute.
Pause button
Puts the pause icon beside your name in the "Participants" list, so that all participants know that you are temporarily unavailable.
This is a toggle button.
Push to Talk button
Lets you embed a recording in the transcript, if your computer is connected to a microphone.
Click and hold this button for as long as you are recording.
Invite button
Lets you invite other users.

Participants tab
Lists all instant message participants. You may see the following icons beside participants:

This participant has created instant message input that has not yet been sent.
This participant is able to contribute to a moderated instant message.
This participant can't contribute to a moderated instant message.
This participant has asked to be allowed to contribute to a moderated instant message.
This participant is temporarily unavailable (paused), but hasn't left the instant message permanently.

Ignore button
Hides the selected participant's input in your copy of the transcript.
This is a toggle button.
Allow button
Allows the selected participant to contribute to a moderated instant message.
Disallow button
Prevents the selected participant from contributing to a moderated instant message.

Attachments tab
Lists files that are attached to the instant message. You can download these files just as you can files attached to messages.
To attach a file, click Attach.
81203_42521_14.png        Shortcut
Drag a file or a FirstClass object to the Instant Message form.

Setup tab
Lets you customize the instant message.

Displays this name in invitations and the subjects of saved transcripts.
Enables instant messaging sounds.
This overrides the sounds setting in your preferences.
Makes the instant message moderated.
In a moderated instant message, participants can't contribute without the consent of the moderator.
Enable catch up
Lets users who join an instant message session in progress see the transcript from the beginning of the session. Only the instant message creator or, in the case of public chat rooms, someone with moderator permission or higher can enable catch up.
Show time stamps
Displays the time that users added instant message input, in addition to their names.
This is a toggle field.
Save transcript
Saves the transcript after everyone has left.
You only need to use this field if transcripts aren't saved automatically. You can only use this field if you created the instant message or, in the case of public chat rooms, you have moderator permission or higher.
For a private instant message, the transcript is sent to the Mailbox of the chat creator.
For a public chat room, the transcript is saved in the transcript pane.
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