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Use this form to record important student information.

School tab
Student ID/Number
A unique student identifier.
Chosen Name
The first name the student goes by.
Grade or Year
The grade the student is in.
Home Room or Teacher
The name of the student's teacher.

Personal tab
Date of Birth
The student's birth date.
The gender of the student.
The street address of the student.
The city the student lives in.
The state or province the student lives in.
Zip code
The zip code or postal code where the student lives.
The phone number where the student can be reached.

Parent tab
The contact information for each parent. Complete each parent's information separately.
Custodial Parent
Select if this parent has custody.
Parent's first and last name.
Relationship to student
How the parent is related to the student. Choose from the list.
Home Phone
The parent's home phone number.
Work Phone
The parent's work number.
The parent's email address.
Email Preference
The preferred choice of the parent for receiving emails. Choose from the list.

Emergency tab
The contact information in case of emergency and the parent is unavailable. Complete an area for each contact.
The contact person's name.
Relationship to student
How the contact person is related to the student. Choose from the list.
Home Phone
The contact person's home phone number.
Work Phone
The contact person's work number.

Medical tab
Medical Card Number
Medical card number o the student.
Medical Conditions
Select if the student has any medical conditions the school should be aware of. Add notes to the field that appears. This field will appear on the student roster teachers can see at a glance i a student has a medical condition.

Notes tab
Use this area to add general administrative notes about this student.

Attachments tab
Drag and drop files into the attachments area, or click the Browse button to search for files to add.