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41204_42505_0.pngIntroduction to FirstClass ED

FirstClass ED is a classroom tool designed specifically for the FirstClass communications platform. FirstClass ED unites, automates, and extends the inherent features of FirstClass, making it a powerful online course deployment server.

This tool makes online learning both student and teacher friendly. Content creation is as simple as point and click, drag and drop. It lets you manage content with search and retrieval capabilities, and facilitates sharing of units of study, lesson plans, assessment materials, student contributions, archived lectures, meetings, and test results.

FirstClass ED removes time and distance barriers, allowing students to explore concepts at their own speed and use resources that might not be available in a traditional school setting.
9203_31904_3.png Who should read this conference
Using FirstClass ED is intended for educators. There is a separate student section that will help guide your students and parents on how to use FirstClass ED. However, you may need to direct them to the appropriate section.
9203_31904_3.png What you will find in this conference
This conference is your source for ideas and help. It discusses how you can use FirstClass ED to manage your classroom and provides information you can share with students and parents about how to use FirstClass ED. It shows you how to perform the various tasks involved with classroom activities, from the perspectives of both the teacher and the student. The FirstClass ED for Students section also includes a quick reference for parents.
Throughout this conference, we provide various examples from the fictional school, Avalon Public School. We've designed these examples to show you how each section's discussion can be applied. You can see a full outline of how the fictional teacher, Mr. Goodman, set up his classroom environment in A Sample Classroom.
The quick references in both the student and teacher sections outline the FirstClass ED features and are easy to print.
9203_31904_3.pngWhat you should already know
This conference is intended for people using the FirstClass ED client. We assume that you are familiar with your Windows®, Mac™ OS X, or Linux® operating system.