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9203_31904_3.png Traditional scheduling
In a traditional classroom environment, you tell students when assignments and project milestones are due, what is for homework, and when tests or special events are scheduled. Students may write the dates in a personal agenda, or in their notebooks. Many times, parents are required to sign the book to acknowledge that they are aware of the assignments.
9203_31904_3.png FirstClass ED is a scheduler
The classroom calendar in FirstClass ED lets you record homework due dates and dates for tests and special events. This forces students to take responsibility for their own participation in the classroom. This rules out concerns that they couldn't find their agenda, they forgot to bring it home, or they forgot to record the due date, because all important information is always online whenever they log into their accounts.  
Furthermore, the calendar lets you use color to differentiate between entries, create repeating entries, and add notes and attachments. If parents want to know what their child has for homework, or what is coming up, they can log into their child's account and look at the classroom calendar.
This example shows a classroom calendar the teacher uses regularly.
Here is an entry from the same calendar.
9203_31904_3.png How to
The classroom calendar in FirstClass ED is a FirstClass group calendar and is used the same way as other standard FirstClass calendars.
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