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41204_42505_0.pngManaging schedules
9203_31904_3.pngYour class calendar
The class calendar in FirstClass ED contains due dates and dates for tests and special events. This forces you to take responsibility for your own participation in courses. This rules out concerns that you couldn't find your agenda, you forgot to bring it home, or you forgot to record the due date, because it is always online whenever you log into your account.  
Calendar entries may include additional information such as homework pages. If parents want to know what you have for homework or what is coming up, they can log into your account and look at the class calendar.
This example shows a class calendar a teacher may use regularly.
9203_31904_3.png How to
The class calendar in FirstClass ED is a FirstClass group calendar and is used the same way as other standard FirstClass calendars. You only have access to read items in the class calendar.
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