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41204_42505_0.pngManaging your projects
9203_31904_3.png FirstClass ED projects
FirstClass ED provides a personal area called My Projects. You can use this area to manage class projects for yourself or a group, and participate in projects you are a member of.
Your My Projects area has many uses, depending on your project needs. Consider using the project area to:
• schedule meetings and milestones
• conduct meetings
• brainstorm
• manage tasks
• collect information
• compile the project
• create a presentation.
Here is an example of how your teacher may set up your project area.
9203_31904_3.pngHow to
Your teacher creates your project area and adds you as a member of that area. When you are ready to use the project area, simply open it. If you are working with group members, they have the same access to the project area.