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41204_42505_0.pngManaging assignments
9203_31904_3.pngYour assignments
All assignments are stored with your teacher. When the teacher is ready, the assignment will be made available in the Course Content area. This means that not all assignments will be available at the same time, so it is important to check for new assignments periodically.
9203_31904_3.pngHow to
Starting an assignment
When you open the assignment, you have the option of starting it.
To begin a new assignment
1 Open Course Content.
2 Open the assignment.
3 Click Start.
A copy of the assignment is created and stored in your Mailbox. If you don't click Start, an Assignment form is not created in your Mailbox.
Submitting an assignment
Once you start the assignment, the Start button changes to a Hand In button.
To submit an assignment:
1 Open the Mailbox.
2 Open the assignment.
3 Complete the assignment requirements.
4 Click Hand In.
After the teacher marks the assignment, it will appear in your Mailbox with a mark.