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41204_42505_0.pngDeveloping courses

If you are given the appropriate permissions, you have the ability to create and manage courses. These courses are stored in your My Courses area. From here, the administrator can add the course to the Course Catalog, and you can create one or more classrooms from the course.
The Course Catalog may not be available to all users.
9203_31904_3.png FirstClass ED is an online course developer
Sometimes you may be responsible for developing a new course for the school. If this is the case, you can create and develop the new course in your My Courses area.
9203_31904_3.png How to
Creating a new course
If the course has already been developed, it will appear in the Course Catalog and you can simply copy it to your My Courses area by selecting it in the Course Catalog, clicking Copy to My Courses, and assigning a name to it.
If the course has not been developed yet, you can create it in your My Courses area.
To create a new course, including a Professional Development course:
1       Open My Classes.
2       Open My Courses.
3       Click New Blank Course.
4 Select the type of course you want to create.
5       Enter the name of the new course.
6       Click OK.
Developing a new course
Once the course has been created and is in your My Courses area, you can start to develop it.
Course Content
The Course Content area works the same as the Course Content area in a classroom. Click here for details.
Development Team
The Development Team area is where you add users who will contribute to this course while it is in development.
To add a member, click Add Person and select their name from the Directory. Use the Show field to narrow down the search.
Once they have been added, double-click to open their contact information form.
For field details, click here.
Any members you add to this team will have the same control over the course as you.
The Resources area works the same as the Resources area in your classrooms. Click here for details.
Course Information
The Course Information area has two panes. The top pane is where you indicate general course information. For field details, click here.
The lower pane can be used as a notepad to communicate with other course developers or make notes for yourself.
Creating a new classroom from a course
Once your course is set up, you can create a classroom from it. Simply highlight it and click New Classroom. You will be prompted to give it a name (e.g. Period 4 Math-8). It will be automatically added to your My Classes area. If you are teaching the same course to three separate classes, create three classrooms from the same course.