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41204_42505_0.pngManaging projects
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Many teachers require students to complete projects throughout the semester/term/year. Students usually divide into groups- whether assigned or chosen - meet regularly, brainstorm ideas, manage tasks, collect information, compile the project, and present and showcase the project. Traditionally, these tasks are performed outside of class, with minimal teacher input until the final presentations.
9203_31904_3.pngFirstClass ED is a project management tool
FirstClass lets you create customized project areas that you have full control over.
You can choose your level of involvement in student projects. You can be totally involved in every step of the process, or step back and allow students to be more independent. Creating a project area centralizes the work so students can meet and perform all of their projects tasks in one location.
Simply create a project area in your class Projects area, add members, and the projects will appear in the relevant students' My Project areas.
9203_31904_3.pngHow to
Creating a project area
To create a new project area:
1 Open My Classes.
2 Open the Projects area.
3 Click New Project.
4 Choose a project template.
5 Give the project a name.
Adding members to a project area
To add members to a project area:
1 Open the project area.
2 Click Project Members.
3 Type in the names of project members.
4 Click OK.
Adding application areas
Application areas can be a calendar, contact database, bookmarks area, documents area, folder, file storage area, homework area, or discussion conference.
To add more application areas to the project area:
1 Click Add Application.
2 Choose the type of application you wish to add.
3 Give the application a name.
Managing a project area
You can open any project area and view the contents at your own convenience. You also have the ability to contribute to a project area just like any other project member.