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If an error occurs while you are working offline, FirstClass Personal reports the error in a message sent to your offline Mailbox. For more information on a specific error, contact your administrator.

You can't work offline
Make sure that FirstClass Personal has been installed correctly. Both the FirstClass Personal application and your ppo folder must be in the same folder in your user space.

FirstClass Personal doesn't connect to the server

Possible reason
Additional information
Your settings file isn't configured correctly.
FirstClass Personal isn't configured correctly.
Make sure the user ID and password are correct in FirstClass Personal's settings.
A modem connection failed.

No matching names were found in the Directory when you addressed a message

Possible reason
Additional information
You entered the name incorrectly.
You don't have an offline copy of the Directory, or it's out of date.
If you specified that you didn't want to replicate Directory information offline, you must configure FirstClass Personal to accept unknown names.

You can't access a conference

Possible reason
Additional information
Conference replication is not set up correctly.
Remember to create a copy in the online version of your Offline Conferences folder for every conference you want to access using FirstClass Personal.
Automatic conference replication is disabled.
Either reconfigure FirstClass Personal to specify that you want conferences to replicate on each connection, or connect manually.
You were never granted access to the conference.
Contact the conference owner to verify whether you have access to this conference.
You don't have permission to see the conference.
You have the same access permissions offline as you do online. If you can't view a conference online, you can't view it using FirstClass Personal.

You get an error when FirstClass Personal tries to replicate
Check with your administrator to make sure that you are allowed to work offline.

You see duplicate items
For those objects that FirstClass Personal synchronizes, it's possible to get duplicate items after a synchronization.
This happens when an item has been updated both online and offline between synchronizations. In this case, FirstClass creates a copy of both versions.
To solve this problem, make sure one version contains what you want, then delete the other version. You can do this either offline or online.

You are missing items at one end
If you move an item out of a container that is synchronized, that item will be deleted from the corresponding container at the other end after the next synchronization. Depending on where you moved the item, it may no longer be accessible at the other end.
For example, if you move an item from your online Mailbox to an online conference for which you don't have an offline equivalent, that item will disappear from your offline Mailbox, and you won't have access to it offline.