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You can store web site content in folders to organize it. This content won't show on your home page's navigation bar. Opening a folder on the web will reveal its contents in the navigation bar.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
In the FirstClass client, you will only see folder contents in the tree view, not in the right pane.
To create a web folder:
1       Open Web Publishing.
2       Open the folder in which you want your web folder, if necessary.
You would do this if you wanted your web pages in nested folders. You can create subfolders within both web folders and listing folders.
3       Click New Web Page.
4       Select Web Folder.
5       Open the web folder.
6       Click View in Browser to see the default appearance of your web folder.
7       Change the appearance, if desired.
Click Appearance, then select the template you want your web folder to use. You can view your choice by clicking View in Browser.
8       Change the default web folder name, if desired.
Choose Rename from the context menu to make the name editable. Type the new name, then press Enter/Return.