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51603_12419_11.png Listening to voice messages
A voice message is received as a FirstClass message with a .wav file attachment. The first time you open the message, the attachment will play automatically.
To replay the message, click Play on the recorder panel.

51603_12419_11.png Reading fax messages
To open a fax message, click it. The fax pages will be attached to the message.
If you have set your preferences to receive each page as a separate file (PCX), there will be one attachment per page.
If you have set your preferences to receive the entire fax as one file (DCX), there will be one attachment.
To view a fax page, download the attachment.

51603_12419_11.png Dealing with Called, No message notifications
If someone phones but doesn’t leave a message, you will see a Called, No message notification listing the caller's phone number and location.
If you do not want to receive these notifications for all or some callers, change your voice messaging preferences.