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Introducing FirstClass
About the FirstClass system
servers clients applications
Uploaded files
Contact databases
Instant messages
Your Desktop
Your Mailbox
Basic concepts
opening selecting deleting menus dropdowns moving toolbar buttons
FirstClass windows
FirstClass window components
The status bar
main reading navigation panes tree view application buttons
The main pane
The summary bar
The navigation pane
Opening the navigation pane
The tree view
The navigation bar
application buttons hidden
The reading pane
Opening the reading pane
Opening objects sequentially
Running in a single window
Navigating in the single window
open in same window Back Forward
Running in multiple windows
Navigating multiple windows
Getting the right look for each container
Resizing windows
bring all to front zoom
Up One Level paths
Working with the main pane
Changing main pane appearance
Using split bars to define window panes
Hiding the status bar
permissions moving
pictures graphics
Working with window panes
Window pane views
Changing the view
Changing text properties
resizable scaled icons lists index card font size color
pictures graphics
FirstClass toolbars
About toolbars
Showing and hiding toolbars
Resetting toolbars to the default
buttons tooltips
Resizing toolbar buttons
Adding toolbar buttons
Changing the order of toolbar buttons
Displaying or removing text on toolbar buttons
Removing toolbar buttons
spacers navigation bar
formatting rulers
Working with icons
Moving icons
Locking icon positions
If you can't move an icon
Ways to align icons
Showing the grid
Creating your own custom grid
snap to grid moving locking
Wrapping icon titles
Showing the background behind icon titles
Hiding icon titles
text transparent
Working with lists
How your permissions affect your changes
Changing text color
Hiding column headings
Resizing columns
Changing column order
Showing gridlines
Showing row numbers
Making text in columns wrap
Adding and removing columns
Saving lists
permissions panes variable height
Sorting items in lists
Reversing sort order
Showing the newest item first
Grouping items in lists
Collapsing and expanding groups
Ungrouping items
columns threads
Working with objects
Hiding objects
Unhiding objects
Deleting objects
Undeleting objects
restoring protecting showing hiding Trash Can
Printing objects
Specifying print layout defaults
Printing a range of pages
page numbers
Selecting multiple objects
Combining the contents of multiple objects
selecting similar summarizing threads
Searching for objects
Quick list view search
Quick filter search
Searching using the Find form
Saving searches
Providing access to saved searches outside the container
toolbars finding bookmarks
Changing object information
Changing information for closed objects
Changing information for objects on toolbars
Changing information for open objects
Changing information for messages in multiple locations
Get Info properties renaming
read only uneditable
Moving objects
Moving and copying objects
If you can't move an object
expiry protected
Info form toolbars
FirstClass folders
Sharing personal information
About résumés
Updating your résumé
The FirstClass Directory
About the FirstClass Directory
Opening the Directory
italics bold
filtering contacts local remote conferences calendars searching organizations groups
Checking who is online
How to tell who is online
Hiding your presence
Seeing who has a container open
bold italics
Customizing FirstClass
Using custom resources
Adding custom resources
Clearing outdated resources from your settings file
pictures rez images graphics forms icons sounds Flush Cache
images graphics pictures
images graphics pictures forms icons sounds
Using FirstClass on web browsers
interfaces menus icons columns pages
About FirstClass Plugin
Installing FirstClass Plugin
The FirstClass explorer bar
How FirstClass Plugin integrates with your web browser
Quitting FirstClass Plugin
FirstClass on your computer
About your computer's shared space
Windows locations
Mac locations
Linux locations
multiuser multiple application user space
Download Fcctemp FCP Images Modems Plugins Scripts Settings Tools
Platform specifics
Running external applications
Specifying audio devices
Substituting fonts
fcapps KDE audio mixers FCMIXERDEV FCAUDIODEV mapping fcfonts

Client Quick Ref

mail calendaring contacts conferences instant messaging workspaces documents web publishing file storage bookmarks keyboard shortcuts

Connecting to Servers

Logging in
About logging in
Logging in as a registered user
Logging in as a guest user
Logging in using an IMAP client
user IDs passwords
Connecting to multiple servers
Logging in with multiple user IDs
Logging in from multiple computers
listing time encrypted disconnecting
quitting exiting
No response from the server's modem
Host does not appear to be a FirstClass server
Communication failed while connected
Specifying the trace information to log
Generating the log
debug FCIC.log FirstClass.log fcc.log
Configuring Connections
About connections
local network Internet modem LAN TCP/IP dialup TAPI ISDN
Service Setup Configure Connection settings files fc fcp
Settings files
Local network connections
Protocol used by local network connections
Information you must supply
To configure your connection
Internet connections
Protocol used by high-speed Internet connections
Information you must supply
To configure your connection
Protocol used by basic Internet connections
Information you must supply
To configure your connection
Protocol used by dialup Internet connections
Information you must supply
To configure your connection
About TCP/IP
About UDP/IP
Modem connections
Files you need to download
Protocols used by modem connections
Information you must supply
To configure your connection
Flow control and handshaking
Baud rate
Fall back
Hardware carrier detection
DTR hangup
Modem standards
How FirstClass works with your modem
modulation error correction data compression login logging in
About modem connection scripts
Connection script commands
Advanced configuration
window packet size tracing troubleshooting
Changing the encryption level
Changing the authentication method
secure public keys remote servers CAST-128
fcp settings files


About workspaces
Creating workspaces
members subscribing


FirstClass conferences
About conferences
What you can do in conferences
Sending messages as a conference
Replying to messages as a conference
italics moderating
Creating conferences
Creating conferences
Setting conference permissions
Giving users access to conferences
Specifying mail handling rules for conferences
unpublished Directory mail rules templates subscribing
Accessing Internet mailing lists
Writing to mailing lists
Sending commands to mailing lists

Editing Content

About object content
Searching for text
Viewing content
page width presentation
Working with content
Applying background colors
Using picture files as backgrounds
Pasting pictures into backgrounds
Working with background pictures
Saving background picture files
images graphics tiling file formats viewer window downloading
Copying content from other sources
Inserting horizontal lines
Inserting page breaks
pasting plain text
Editing content
Editing content
Undoing editing changes
revert to saved moving copying redoing
Formatting content
Changing fonts
Changing text size
Changing text color
Changing other text styles
superscript subscript
Changing paragraph alignment
Changing paragraph spacing
Indenting paragraphs
Adding tab stops
Deleting tab stops
Changing default tab stops
Saving a temporary style
Applying the saved style
About tables
Creating tables
cells columns rows
Converting text to tables
How delimiters affect table layout
commas tabs paragraphs rows columns
Selecting parts of tables
Extending selections
Selecting whole tables
rows columns cells
cells width alignment aligning spacing padding borders
columns width alignment spacing padding borders colors backgrounds resizing
Adding rows
Adding columns
Moving rows and columns
Deleting rows and columns
cells inserting
Merging cells
Splitting merged cells
rows columns
Adding repeating column headings
Inserting page breaks in tables
header rows
How your selection affects what is copied
How your selection affects what is pasted
Pasting delimited text as a table
cells commas tabs paragraphs
Embedded files
About embedded files
About thumbnails
images graphics pictures sound files
images graphics showing thumbnails
images graphics rotating resizing zoom panning selecting printing thumbnails
Embedding pictures
How pictures are embedded
Changing picture properties
images graphics pasting inserting padding spacing alignment transparent png jpg
Thumbnailing pictures
Thumbnailing pictures automatically
images graphics
voice player
Embedding sound files
Formatting placeholders


Reading mail
résumés user info
next previous
filtering unread outgoing incoming unsent
About message threads
Following message threads
next previous subjects grouping
Unread messages
next previous
hidden summary bar
Turning unread flags off and on
Removing all unread flags
mark as read
Internet messages
Viewing Internet headers
Retrieving mail from Internet mail accounts
POP3 importing showing hiding
Changing the Mailbox view
drafts junk mail sent items unified spam
Getting notification of new mail
notifier offline
Activating notification
What you can do from the notification popup
notifier offline
Message forms
Message forms
The standard message forms
About stationery
About personal stationery
prefilled preaddressed Outlook
Creating personal stationery
Changing personal stationery
prefilled preaddressed
Creating messages
Creating messages
Using stationery
Changing message forms
Changing your email address for Internet recipients
links prefilled preaddressed aliases
Addressing messages using the Directory
Addressing messages to your contacts
Addressing messages to conferences
Addressing messages to Internet addresses
Addressing messages to gateway addresses
Using addresses from other messages
Using addresses from external sources
Removing recipients
About signatures
Creating signatures
Adding signatures to selected messages
Making messages urgent
Making messages low priority
Preventing generation of nondelivery notices
Setting message sensitivity
NDN private personal company bulk
receipts notification read delivery route registered
Sending messages
Sending messages immediately
Sending messages later
What happens when you send a message
Mailing files using a MAPI-enabled application
Replying to messages
Replying to messages
Replying to voice messages
Specifying default reply recipients
Replying automatically
Replying to your default recipients
Replying to everyone
Replying to senders only
Replying to conferences only
Quoting part of a message
Quoting the whole message
Specifying quoted text formatting
Forwarding messages
Forwarding messages
Forwarding messages automatically
Forwarding messages to pagers
Message attachments
Previewing attached files
Working with viewer windows
next previous
sounds WAV AIFF MP3 SND panes voice playing recording editing
saving italics unapproved
Message security
About S/MIME messages
Obtaining secure certificates
encryption keys
Generating certificate files
Deciding whether to password protect your private key
What to do with your certificate file
S/MIME encryption keys
Exchanging S/MIME messages
The first time you exchange S/MIME messages
How to know you have received an S/MIME message
certificates encryption keys icons
Controlling mail
Setting FirstClass as your default mail client
Reverting to your browser's mail client
Mail rules
About mail rules
Sharing rules
spam junk filing deleting receive send messages Rules & Resources folder flags
spam junk
spam junk
spam junk run manually deleting
spam junk order
manual spam junk
spam junk run manually advanced
spam junk cost compiling


About contact management
About contact management
Your Contacts folder
mail lists contact databases
Viewing contact databases
Controlling how you view contact information
Navigating to a particular name
Opening contacts' web pages
Viewing maps for contacts' addresses
Contacts folder index card view forms colors
Sorting your contacts
Grouping your contacts
quick sort last first name category company contact databases
Adding contacts to your Contacts folder
Adding contacts to contact databases
Creating mail lists
vCard vcf Excel csv delimited
Importing contacts using vCard format
Importing contacts using Excel format
vcf csv delimited
vCard Excel Outlook BlackBerry
Creating contact databases
Creating contact databases
Setting contact database permissions
Giving users access to contact databases


About documents
About your Documents folder
Creating standard documents
Creating documents using special forms
Updating documents
templates saving save as
About memos
Creating memos
Exporting memos
Palm sync
backgrounds pictures slides templates
Distributing presentations
Providing user guidance
read only
My Shared Documents
About the My Shared Documents folder
Viewing others' shared documents

Bookmarks & Other Links

About links
Types of links
Renaming or deleting links
Locating a link's target
bookmarks toolbars aliases shortcuts URLs embedded
Links in containers
aliases shortcuts Desktop
aliases shortcuts
aliases shortcuts
About your Bookmarks folder
Using bookmarks when not in the Bookmarks folder
aliases shortcuts links
aliases shortcuts links
Importing bookmarks using an add bookmarks button
Importing bookmarks from a file
aliases shortcuts links favorites Bookmarks folder Add to FirstClass Bookmarks button
Links on toolbars
URLs web pages aliases shortcuts
URL links in content
Creating URL links to servers
Creating URL links to web pages
aliases shortcuts
aliases shortcuts formatting
Markers in content
inserting links
Embedding markers and then naming them
Embedding prenamed markers
Renaming markers
Listing markers
Links embedded in content
aliases shortcuts
Dragging FirstClass objects into content
Pasting copied FirstClass content as a link
Dragging markers into content
Dragging web page addresses into content
aliases shortcuts URLs
Creating links and then typing link text
Making selected content a link
aliases shortcuts inserting
Testing links
Changing link properties
Listing links
aliases shortcuts
Troubleshooting links
permissions aliases shortcuts
About relative links
About absolute links
Changing link types
paths URLs aliases shortcuts

File Storage

About storing files
Specifying the default folder for downloaded files
About your File Storage folder
About picture thumbnails
uploading downloading sharing music movies
Interrupting file transfers
Resuming file transfers to servers
Resuming file transfers to your computer
uploading downloading italics
Storing files in containers
uploading importing
Insert Voice
Copying stored files to your computer
Transferring FirstClass objects
Exporting FirstClass objects
Importing exported FirstClass objects
How attachments are handled
Saving messages using Save As
RTF XML TXT underscores


About calendars
About calendars
Types of calendars
Opening calendars
Printing calendars
events tasks resource group location
Types of calendar views
Displaying additional calendar information
Customizing calendar views
month work week start day Today list Calendars tab numbers background colors mini month pane
About calendar reminders
Forwarding calendar reminders to pagers
Calendar navigation
next unread
Using the mini month pane to navigate
Making selections in the mini month pane
How the mini month pane affects the view
day week
Viewing events
Responding to invitations
Sending invitations over the Internet
mail lists tentative accept decline vCalendar
Creating events directly in calendars
Adding events from other calendars
Using messages and documents to create events
scheduling conflicts repeating reminders priority copying group
Changing events
Changing one occurrence of a repeating event
Updating received events
moving time reminders colors categories accept tentative decline copying
Viewing tasks
Deleting tasks
overdue incomplete Today list
Creating tasks directly in calendars
Adding tasks from other calendars
Using messages and documents to create tasks
Updating tasks
Changing task status
completed state editing moving
Combining calendars
punch through
punch through color coding transparent
events tasks vCalendar Excel delimited vcs csv ics
events tasks vcs ics
events tasks
Creating public calendars
Creating calendars
Setting calendar permissions
Giving users access to calendars
group resource location unpublished Directory templates subscribing

Instant Messaging

About instant messages
About instant messages
Setting instant messaging preferences
chat rooms italics sounds transcript panes inviting
Responding to instant message invitations
Joining public chat rooms
Starting instant messages
inviting italics
Using instant messaging
Contributing to instant messages
Leaving instant messages
transcripts pausing
catch up
Attaching files to instant messages
Embedding recordings in transcripts
playing sounds
hand up allowed disallowed
Saving transcripts
Archiving public chat room transcripts

Web Publishing

About web publishing
About the Web Publishing folder
About your web site's structure
Changing your web site's overall appearance
Customizing a template
Hiding unfinished pages
How others can access your web site
tree view order sorting home page templates view in browser URLs unapproved
Web pages
templates saving save as view in browser
Creating blogs
How others can access your blog
How others see your blog
web publishing RSS feed readers subscribing comments
web publishing
Creating podcasts
Providing more information about podcasts
web publishing RSS iTunes Music Store album art episodes
web publishing recording sound files
Web calendars
Creating web calendars
How to access your calendar using other calendar programs
web publishing vCalendar subscribing iCal
Listing folders
uploading files web publishing thumbnails photo galleries
Web folders
web publishing
bookmarks web publishing
Working with pre-8.3 content
Issues with old web site content
Switching to web publishing
HTML templates home page index default My Web Site appearance


Listening to voice messages
Reading fax messages
Dealing with Called, No message notifications
Voice greetings
Creating and customizing voice greetings
Types of voice greetings
The order your greetings will play
Unified Communications User guides
Quick References

Working Offline

About FirstClass Personal
About FirstClass Personal
Your offline Desktop
replication synchronization
About your personal store
Backing up your personal store
Installing FirstClass Personal
Installing FirstClass Personal
Configuring FirstClass Personal
If your password changes
Using FirstClass Personal
If you are currently connected to a server
If you aren't currently connected to a server
If this is the first time you have used FirstClass Personal
Setting up your offline conferences
Specifying offline conferences
Removing offline conferences
Working with messages in your Mailbox
Working with messages in replicated containers
Sending messages offline
reading sending synchronization
You can't work offline
FirstClass Personal doesn't connect to the server
No matching names were found in the Directory when you addressed a message
You can't access a conference
You get an error when FirstClass Personal tries to replicate
You see duplicate items
You are missing items at one end
FirstClass Personal console log
FirstClass Personal log
FirstClass Personal synchronization log
fcspra.log tracing replication