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To create a folder:
1       Open your Mailbox, or a container where you have permission to create subfolders.
2       Choose File > New > New Folder.
You are asked to select a folder template. The choice of templates varies depending on the type of container in which you are creating the folder. The template Copy View Properties copies the layout of the container in which you are creating this folder.
81203_42521_14.png        Exception
If you are creating a folder in your Mailbox, you aren't asked to select a template. A standard folder is created automatically.
3       Select the template you want your folder to use.
The folder is created with the default name selected.
4       Type the name you want to give your folder and press Enter/Return.
After your folder has been created, you can:
•       open it to customize the view
•       update folder properties on the Info form.