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Running in multiple windows
You can make FirstClass applications and containers open in separate windows. The master window that first appears when you start FirstClass is still always available. The application buttons on the navigation bar in that window will still open objects in the master window's main pane.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
Only the navigation pane in the master window includes the navigation bar.
To run FirstClass in multiple windows:
•       clear View > Open in Same Window, if it is selected
If you double-click an object in the base window, it opens in its own window.
•       select "Double-click in explorer tree opens a new window" in your preferences.
If you double-click an object in the tree view, it opens in its own window.

Navigating multiple windows
To go to another window, click it as you normally do in your operating system or, on Mac, choose the window from the View menu. Mac
To bring all open FirstClass windows in front of any open windows from non-FirstClass applications, choose View > Bring All to Front.

Getting the right look for each container
You aren't restricted to running all of FirstClass with the same look you give your Desktop. You can turn the reading pane on or off independently for different containers, and FirstClass will remember your choice.
If you have permission to save view changes for this container, everyone else will also see your choice.
If you don't have permission to save view changes for this container, only you will see your choice the next time you open this container. You will also see your choice applied to all other similar containers.

Resizing windows
You can resize FirstClass windows just as you would any other windows.
In addition, you can optimize the size of a window so that it just fits the window contents. To do this, choose View > Smart Zoom (Windows, Linux) or Zoom Window (Mac).