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These are the folders that are created on your computer when you install the FirstClass client:

The default folder for files that you download from the server.
Contains temporarily downloaded files that need to be viewed with external applications.
The location of this folder depends on your operating system.
Contains connection files (.fcp files) that are used to connect to servers.
The file names indicate the connection types.
Contains graphics files that you can choose when assigning background pictures to FirstClass windows and objects.
Adding files to this folder is one way to expand the basic set of pictures that come with FirstClass.
Not applicable to Linux or Mac.
The place to store command files (.mdm files) for modems. The file names indicate the modems.
When you choose a modem as part of your configuration, the contents of this folder are reflected in the list of available modem choices.
Not applicable to Mac.
Contains a viewer that enables FirstClass to display QuickTime files.
If your administrator provides special viewers or other files that extend FirstClass' capabilities, put them in this folder.
Not applicable to Linux or Mac.
The place to store any modem connection script files (.fcl files) that you need to connect to a server.
Contains any settings files (.fc files in Windows) supplied with FirstClass, plus any additional files that you create.
Contains the dictionaries supplied with FirstClass. These dictionaries are used when FirstClass spell checks text.