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The reading pane
When the reading pane is open, it is displayed under or to the right of the main pane.
The reading pane displays the contents of any object selected in the main pane. For example, a selected message or document opens in this pane. The contents of a selected container are listed there.
You can work with objects in the reading pane just as you do when they are opened in separate windows.

Opening the reading pane
To open the reading pane below the main pane, click this button in the right corner of the status bar:
This button toggles through three states. To move the reading pane to the right of the main pane, click this button again. To close the reading pane, click this button a third time.

Opening objects sequentially
You can scroll through objects in the reading pane by pressing the space bar. Each press of the space bar scrolls through object content, then opens the next object.
Unread objects are opened first, then the remaining objects are opened in order, starting with the last object in the container.