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The main pane
The main pane displays your Desktop, an open container, or the contents of an open object, such as a message. It can be a single pane or two panes separated by a split bar.

The summary bar
A summary bar runs along the top of every main pane. It shows:
•       the name of the open container
•       a summary of container contents
If items are indicated as Hidden, this may mean that your preferences are set to hide items that you have read.
•       the server, your user name, and, when viewing your Mailbox, your primary mail address
•       the percentage you have left of your allotted disk space on the server (shown in containers where you can create objects)
This section of the summary bar has a tooltip that shows the total amount of disk space allotted to you.
•       whether other users have this container open
•       the permissions you have in this container.