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Sorting items in lists
You can specify which column you want to sort on by clicking the appropriate column heading.
Another way to specify which column to sort on is to choose the column at the view property "Sort on".
81203_42935_18.png        Tip
If you choose None, you can then drag items into the order you want. This method applies to folders, not to conferences.
There are a few sorting rules to note:

If you sort on
FirstClass does this
Sorts items by the name of the sender (for incoming messages) or receiver (for outgoing messages).
Sorts items in this order:
•       unsent messages
•       urgent incoming messages, by date
•       normal incoming messages, by date
•       urgent outgoing messages, by date
•       normal outgoing messages, by date.
Lists messages that include attachments first.

81203_42521_14.png        Note
The sort order you choose in list view will be used in other views where FirstClass arranges the display automatically.

Reversing sort order
To reverse the sort order of the column on which you are sorting, click the column heading.
You can also reverse sort order by selecting the view property "Reverse sort".

Showing the newest item first
To list items from newest to oldest, select "Show newest items first" in your preferences.