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Deleting objects
To delete an object, select it, then choose File > Delete or press Delete. You can also drag the object to the Trash Can on your Desktop.
Deleting a container also deletes all objects contained inside that container.
81203_42935_18.png        Tip
If you need to delete a message that you sent to several conferences, go to your Mailbox and unsend the message, then delete it. If you don't unsend the message first, you will have to delete it from every location to which you sent it. And you may find that you don't have permission to delete it from all conferences.
If you can't delete an object
If you can't delete an object, and you know that your administrator has given you permission to delete it, the object may be protected.
About the Trash Can
Deleted objects and objects that have expired are marked for deletion. But these objects aren't immediately removed from the server. Your Trash Can contains both objects that you have recently deleted and those that have recently expired in the containers you created.
You can't open objects in the Trash Can, but you can undelete them.
FirstClass physically removes objects from your Trash Can after a waiting period that is set by your administrator.

Undeleting objects
You can undelete an object from either the Trash Can or the object's original location.
The Trash Can displays an In Folder column that tells you where the objects were located when you deleted them or they expired. From the Trash Can, you can undelete an object in the following ways:

Do this
restore the object to a different location than its original location
Drag it out of the Trash Can.
Select the object, then click Move to Folder and select the container.
restore the object to its original location
Select the object, then click Undelete.

From the object's original location:
1       Choose View > Show Deleted Items.
All objects in that container that have been marked for deletion are displayed with trash can icons beside them. You can't open these objects.
2       Select the object.
3       Choose File > Undelete.
To clear the remaining deleted objects from the view, choose View > Hide Deleted Items.