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Printing objects
To print an open or selected object (or multiple selected objects) immediately, using your print layout defaults, click the Print toolbar button.
If you choose File > Print, your operating system's standard print form opens. This allows you to specify things such as the pages you want to print. Your print layout defaults are still used.
81203_42521_14.png        Exceptions
Printing works slightly differently for calendars and viewer windows.
When you select closed objects, then choose File > Print and tell FirstClass to print your selections, printing takes place immediately.

Specifying print layout defaults
You can specify what information you want to print for messages, documents, and calendars. In addition, you can specify how you want this information, and information for contacts and mail lists, laid out on the printed page.
To specify print layout defaults for any of these objects:
1       Choose File > Print Layout.
2       Specify the print layout defaults on the appropriate tab of the Print Layout form.
To specify a default without closing the Print Layout form, click Apply.
To reset all print layout defaults to the FirstClass defaults, click Default.
When you click Default, the defaults for all objects will be reset, not just the defaults showing on the visible tab.
To specify print options such as paper size, source, and orientation, click Setup.

Printing a range of pages
To determine what pages to print when you want to print a range of pages, choose View > Content > Page Width View. The page numbers are displayed on the status bar.