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Adding custom resources
Both you and your administrator can add resources to customize FirstClass. These resources can be:

picture files
Picture files can be used as backgrounds in a container's window panes.
resource files (.rez)
A resource file is normally added by your administrator. It can contain customized pictures, icons, forms, and sounds.

There are several ways to add custom resources:
•       your administrator can store them on the server
•       you can add them to the FirstClass Images folder on your computer
•       both of you can add them to a container's Rules & Resources folder
•       you can add them from a settings file.
Normally, FirstClass will retrieve a new resource that is stored on your server as you need it. If you don't see a new resource that you know has been stored on the server, you may already have an outdated version of that resource in the settings file you use to log in, and FirstClass may be using that older version. To see the new resource, clear the outdated one out of your settings file.

Clearing outdated resources from your settings file
Clearing resources does not affect the connection information that is stored in your settings file.
To clear resources from your settings file, so that your FirstClass client can retrieve newer versions on the server:
1       Open the FirstClass Login form.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
Don't log in. You can't clear resources from your settings file while you are connected to the server.
2       Make sure the settings file you want to clear is displayed at "Address".
3       Click Setup.
4       Click Flush Cache.