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If the main pane is split into two subpanes, a FirstClass object such as a message or document normally appears in the lower pane. A container appears in the upper pane. You can change the location of an object by updating its properties. To move an object between panes, you can also simply drag it.
Objects can be placed in the following locations:
•       in the upper pane
•       in the lower pane
•       on the toolbar as a button
The button's tooltip displays the object's subject.
•       in the default location for that type of object.
This means, for example, that you can place an object that you want to be immediately accessible, like a "Rules for posting" document, in the upper pane.
To change the location of a selected object:
1       Open its properties.
2       Choose the location you want at "View".
You can move an object that was placed on the toolbar as a button by choosing Properties from the context menu, then changing the object's location.