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How your permissions affect your changes
If you make list view changes in containers where you don't have permission to save changes, your changes are reflected in your view of all the other windows for which you don't have permission to save changes. Other users won't see your customized view.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
You can make list view changes separately for upper and lower panes. In containers with no split bar, you are looking at the upper pane, so you will see any changes you made to an upper pane in another conference.

Changing text color
You can color code the text of items in list view (for example, to highlight items that you want to deal with later).
To make the text of a selected item another color, choose Format > Color, then the color you want.

Hiding column headings
By default, list view shows a heading at the top of each column. If you don't want column headings, clear the view property "Show column titles".

Resizing columns
To change the width of a column, position the cursor over the edge of the column heading until the cursor looks like this:
then drag the column heading edge to make the column wider or narrower.

Changing column order
To change the order in which columns are displayed, drag column headings to the desired location.

Showing gridlines
To show horizontal gridlines that separate rows, select the view property "Show horizontal gridlines".
To show vertical gridlines that separate columns, select "Show vertical gridlines".

Showing row numbers
To show row numbers to the left of rows, select the view property "Show row numbers".

Making text in columns wrap
To make text that doesn't fit on one row wrap to subsequent lines instead of being cut off, select the view property "Variable height rows".

Adding and removing columns
There are two ways you can specify what columns you want to see.
You can add or remove a column by opening the context menu from the column headings, then choosing the column. If you add a column, it is added to the right of the existing columns.
To specify which columns you want to see and the order in which you want to see them:
1       Open the context menu from the list (not from the column headings or a selected object in the list).
2       Choose Select Fields.
3       Update the Select Fields form.

Saving lists
To save a list as a plain text file (.txt) to your computer, choose File > Save As.