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Moving icons
You can move an icon in the following ways:

drag it
Once you start to drag an icon, its horizontal and vertical position (number of pixels from the top and left side of the window pane) are displayed in the status bar.
move it one pixel at a time
Select the icon, then press Control-Shift (Windows, Linux) or Option (Mac) while using the arrow keys. As is the case for dragging, the icon's horizontal and vertical position is shown in the status bar.
specify its horizontal and vertical position
Open the icon's object properties, then update the "Horizontal" and "Vertical" position fields.

Locking icon positions
To lock icons in position so that they can't be moved, select "Lock positions" in the pane's view properties.
To lock an individual icon's position, select its object property "Icon position locked".

If you can't move an icon
If you can't move an icon, check whether:
•       your administrator has given you permission to move objects
•       the icon is protected (only prevents you from moving the icon to a different container)
•       the view property "Lock positions" is selected for the pane
•       the view property "Arrange automatically" is selected for the pane
•       the object property "Icon position locked" is selected for the icon.