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Window pane views
You can view the objects in a window pane as icons at their original sizes:

icons that you can resize (scale):

a multicolumn list:

or an index card view:
The index card view is a particularly useful display for personal contact information.
Normally, a two-pane main pane with a horizontal scroll bar shows objects in the upper pane as large icons and objects in the lower pane as a list.

Changing the view
To change the view for a window pane:
1       Click the pane you want to change.
2       Specify the view you want.

To see
Do this
large icons
Choose View > View by Icon.
resizable icons
Choose View > View by Scaled Icon.
a multicolumn list
Choose View > View by List.
entries laid out like cards
Choose View > View by Index Card.

You can also use view properties to choose the view you want at the "Display format" field on the Display tab of the View Properties form.

Changing text properties
To change the text appearance in a window pane, update the "Font", "Size", and "Use color" fields on the Display tab of the View Properties form.