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About the FirstClass Directory
The FirstClass Directory is the place on the server that stores information about users and objects (such as conferences) to which you can address mail. You can open the Directory to view who and what is in it. It also lets you address mail just by typing the name of a user or object.
The Directory contains addresses for:

all users who are registered on this server
For example, if your organization has one server, all users in your organization who are registered on your server are listed. The groups to which they belong are also shown, if this information was entered by your administrator.
your contacts and mail lists
These are created by you. You will only see contacts and mail lists that you added, not other users' contacts and mail lists.
If you open the Directory when you aren't addressing a message, you will see all your contacts. If you supplied both business and personal email addresses, you will see a separate entry for each address.
If the Directory opens while you are addressing a message, you won't see any contacts for which you didn't supply an email address.
conferences, gateways, and calendars known to this server

81203_42521_14.png        Notes
Some Directory entries may not be visible to you because your administrator can customize your view of the Directory. In addition, any entries defined as unlisted do not appear in the Directory. Names in bold are currently logged in. Names in italics will not accept instant messaging invitations.

Opening the Directory
To open the Directory, choose Collaborate > Directory.