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To select a FirstClass object in the main pane, click it. You can select multiple objects just as you normally do in your operating system.
There are often several ways you can perform the same task with FirstClass. Here are some examples:

You can do one of these things
delete selected text in a message you are composing
•       Choose Edit > Clear from the menu.
•       Press Delete on the keyboard.
•       Choose Clear from the context menu.
open a FirstClass object in the base window
•       Double-click it.
•       Select it, then choose File > Open > Open Selected.
open a container, and move an object into it
•       Open the target container (the container to which you want to move the object), then drag the object to the target.
•       Drag the object and hover over the target until it opens.

In some cases, you can also click a toolbar button or a button on a form, or use a keyboard shortcut. Some toolbar buttons include a dropdown arrow to the right of the button text. To perform the basic button activity, click the button text. To open a list of associated commands, click the arrow.
81203_42935_18.png        Tip
When choosing a menu item from a dropdown field, you can type a letter to move to the first item starting with that letter. For example, if you are choosing a font from a "Font" field, and you want Verdana, you can type v to move to the first font that starts with v. This doesn't apply to Linux.