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New in the FirstClass client Version 9.1
•       Your primary mail address is displayed in the summary bar when you are viewing your Mailbox.
•       Music subfolders in the File Storage folder include the information, such as genre, that often accompanies an MP3 file.
•       Option to print tasks and punch-through items when you print week or Today list view.
•       Allow original color coding to show through for combined calendars.
•       Imports support .ics (iCalendar) files.
•       You are reminded that autoreply is on when you connect.
•       Quick filter search field is on all container toolbars.
•       New menu command and keyboard shortcut to move to this field.
•       Bullet lists.
•       Spell check also checks the envelope.
•       Pictures dragged into content are embedded as .png or .jpg thumbnails.
Web publishing
•       Access others' web sites on the same server without the need to log in again.
•       Save As saves lists and open messages as text files on your computer.
•       New messages and documents are deleted if you do nothing but close them.
•       Subscribe users by dragging them to the subscribers list.
•       Additional playback controls for music subfolders in the File Storage folder.
New in the FirstClass client Version 9.0 service packs
Web publishing
•       iCal button on web calendars lets you subscribe them to other calendar programs.
New in the FirstClass client Version 9.0
•       The sort order you specify in list view applies to all other views.
•       Work with navigation bar buttons just as you would on other toolbars.
•       Arrange icons automatically on a grid.
•       Snap icons to grid as you drag them.
•       Display the grid.
•       Wrap icon titles.
•       Combine the items from several calendars into one view. You can color code each calendar.
•       Sort contacts by last name, first name, company.
•       Choose which email address you want to use when a contact has both business and personal email addresses.
•       Assign categories to your contacts. You can sort your contacts by category. Categories are color coded in index card view.
•       Open a contact's web page from the contact form.
•       Open a web map page for a contact's address.
•       Contacts with both business and personal email addresses are listed twice in the Directory.
•       Contacts with no email addresses are listed in the Directory unless the Directory has opened as a result of addressing a message.
•       Create messages and replies that appear to come from conferences by using standard menu commands.
•       Send attached FirstClass objects over the Internet.
Instant messaging
•       Catch up is on by default.
•       Save transcript always saves it from the beginning.
•       Search containers by date range.
•       Filter container contents to display only objects containing particular text.
•       The list of a container's subscribers now appears in a separate window. You can add or remove subscribers from this list, and sort the list.
Web publishing
•       Fine-tune the appearance of the template you are using.
•       Blogs support comments.
Voice (FirstClass TUI)
•       Search for a message in your Mailbox.
•       Toggle between Mailbox view and Calendar view.
•       Play only the message thread only when a message is part of a thread.
•       Color message tagging.
•       Navigate Mailbox as calendar.
•       JPG fax format supported.
•       MP3 voice format supported.
•       Option to embed faxes directly into the message body (excludes DCX).
•       Advanced link properties are restored to the Info form.
•       Encryption options are renamed. Off is now Password Only. Fast is now Secure. Secure is now CAST-128.
•       Edit a recording, using the standard copy/cut/paste commands, before saving it.
•       FirstClass Personal synchronizes your Mailbox.