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FirstClass window components

A FirstClass window consists of:
A       a menu bar
B       a toolbar
C       a main pane that displays the contents of an open container or object such as a message
D       a status bar
as well as panes that you can open or close as needed:

What this pane shows
Why open this pane?
•       A hierarchical (tree) view of FirstClass objects.
•       A navigation bar with buttons that launch the FirstClass applications (only shown on your Desktop).
•       Easy to move among containers.
•       One-click access to FirstClass applications.
The contents of a selected object, such as a message.
Quick access to object contents in a single window.

The status bar
The status bar shows information such as:
•       help for an object, such as a toolbar button or field on a form, that your cursor is hovering over
•       a zoom control for content magnification, in objects such as messages
•       date and time, in calendars.
In addition, it contains buttons that let you toggle the navigation and reading panes on and off.