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The navigation pane
When the navigation pane is open, it is displayed to the left of the main pane.
You can drag the vertical split bar between the navigation pane and the main pane to change their relative widths. You can also drag the horizontal split bar between the tree view and the navigation bar to change their relative heights.

Opening the navigation pane
To open or close the navigation pane, click this button in the left corner of the status bar:
This button is a toggle.

The tree view
The tree view at the top of the navigation pane displays containers and any other objects that you would see at the top of a main pane split into two panes. You can open and close containers using the tree view buttons (Windows, Linux) or disclosure triangles (Mac), just as you normally do in your operating system.
81203_42935_18.png        Tip
To list all objects in a container in the tree view, including ones that have been hidden or moved to the toolbar, Shift-click the tree view button or disclosure triangle beside the closed container.
If you click a container in the tree view, the container's contents are displayed in the main pane. If you double-click a container in the tree view, the container's contents are either displayed in the same window or a separate window, depending on your preferences.

The navigation bar
The application buttons in the navigation bar at the bottom of the navigation pane launch FirstClass applications such as mail and calendaring. An application button opens the container that corresponds to that application.
These buttons are always available as long as the navigation pane is open in the master window.