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Saving transcripts
Your administrator may have enabled automatic saving of instant message transcripts. If not, you can still save a transcript as long as you created the instant message or, in the case of public chat rooms, you have moderator permission or higher.
To save a transcript, select "Save transcript" on the Setup tab. You can do this when you create the instant message or chat room, or turn it on in the middle of an instant messaging session.
The transcript is saved after all participants have left.
A private instant message transcript is saved in your Mailbox.
A public chat room transcript is saved in the chat room's transcript pane.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
Every time the chat room is used, the transcript for that session is added to the existing transcript. You can't clear existing transcripts.

Archiving public chat room transcripts
If you want a public chat room session to start with a clear transcript pane for the next "meeting", you must create a new chat room.
If you don't want to lose the transcripts from previous sessions, you can archive them simply by moving the chat room to an archive folder or the parent container and protecting it. Just the saved transcripts are displayed. This makes it clear to users that you don't consider this to be an active chat room.