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Attaching files to instant messages
You can attach a file to an instant message, just as you would to a message. This file is displayed on the Attachments tab for all participants.
To attach a file, either choose File > Attach or click Attach on the Attachments tab.
81203_42521_14.png        Shortcut
Drag a file or a FirstClass object to the Instant Message form.

Embedding recordings in transcripts
If your computer is connected to a microphone, you can embed a spoken message, or any other sound, in the transcript. To embed a recording, click Push to Talk and make your recording. Keep this button depressed until you are finished recording. When you release, the recording is embedded in the transcript and plays for participants.

Do this
replay the recording
Click 2102004_23344_1.png
stop replay
Click 2102004_23249_0.png
open the recording in a separate voice player window
Double-click it.