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Distributing presentations
You can give users access to your presentation by placing it in a container that they can access, or by mailing it to them as an attachment.
You can also create a message and format it as a presentation. Recipients can view this presentation just as they can any other presentation.

Providing user guidance
If you chose New Presentation to create your presentation, the presentation has a special icon. If you closed the presentation in presentation view, that is the view in which it will next open. Those are the only clues to users that this is a presentation.
You may want to include the word "presentation" in the name or subject of your presentation, to imply that users should show this as a presentation.
You can also tell users in your message that they should show this as a presentation, and recommend the screen resolution at which your presentation looks best.
81203_42935_18.png        Tip
You can force the presentation to open immediately in show mode by saving it in presentation mode, then protecting it. Select "Read only".