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About memos
Memos are documents that FirstClass places in a Memos folder on your Desktop. This folder is created the first time you create a memo. The contents of the Memos folder sync to Palm™ Computing connected organizers.

Creating memos
To create a memo:
1       Choose File > New > New Memo.
2       Add and format the memo content.
3       Click Save and Close when you are done.
You will be asked to supply a name for your memo. The memo is automatically saved in your Memos folder.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
Before you close your memo, you can give it a name and subject, plus additional information to help refine searches. To do this, click the split bar to open the envelope, then update the fields you want. You can click the split bar again to close the envelope.

Exporting memos
You can export memos for use in another application exactly like you export messages and documents.