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About documents
Documents don't expire by default, and can be updated after they are created. This makes them useful for posting information on a permanent basis (for example, information about the purpose of a conference).
FirstClass includes a standard document form, plus special forms that you can use to create new documents. The default icon associated with a document reflects the form used to create the document.
As for messages, you can add a background picture and formatted content to a document, check the history to see whether it has been read, make it stationery, or save it to your computer.

About your Documents folder
The Documents folder on your Desktop provides an environment that is optimized for documents. You can create and store all your documents here, create them here and save them elsewhere, or create them directly in other containers.
The New Folder and Move to Folder buttons on this folder's toolbar let you create subfolders for organizing your documents, and move documents into these folders.