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A workspace is a shared area where users in a workgroup have access to the same resources. A typical use for a workspace would be to provide a common area for everyone who is assigned to the same project.
A workspace acts as a container for the particular FirstClass applications and other resources that are useful to the workgroup. For example, a virtual meeting workspace may contain:
•       a conference for discussions
Workgroup members can post messages and replies to this conference, so that all correspondence is kept in one place for easy reference.
•       a group calendar for scheduling meetings
•       a contact database to provide information about contacts
•       a documents container to store permanent records
•       a file storage container to store files of various media types, such as sound and picture files.
Workspaces can be created by your administrator, or by yourself or other users. All workspaces that you have created are stored by default in the Workspaces container on your Desktop. You can drag a workspace out of this container if you want to store it someplace else.