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Setting up your offline conferences
To save disk space, FirstClass Personal does not automatically show all the conferences to which you have access when you are connected to your server. You must tell FirstClass Personal which conferences you want to work with offline. You will have the same permissions for a conference offline as you do online; if you are not allowed to post to a conference online, you will not be able to do so offline.
After you have specified your offline conferences, FirstClass Personal replicates any unread messages that are in these conferences, based on your FirstClass Personal configuration (either at scheduled times or when you specifically ask for replication by clicking Connect Now).
Within the offline version of your Offline Conferences folder, you will only see those conferences that contain unread mail. FirstClass Personal only creates these conferences offline when they contain unread mail.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
You can set up offline public calendars just as you do conferences.

Specifying offline conferences
To tell FirstClass which conferences to show offline:
1       Log into your server.
2       Choose Collaborate > Work Offline > Open Offline Conferences, if you have not yet started FirstClass Personal.
The Offline Conferences window opens, and the Offline Conferences folder is placed on your Desktop, if it is not already there.
3       Select a conference that you want to access offline.
4       Press Shift and drag the conference to the Offline Conferences folder to make a link to it.
5       Continue Shift-dragging conferences to your Offline Conferences folder until you have specified all the conferences you want to work with offline.

Removing offline conferences
If you no longer want to access a conference offline, delete it from both the offline and online versions of your Offline Conferences folder.