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About your personal store
All your offline information is contained in the personal store folder. This folder is called ppo.
It is important that you not make any changes directly to this folder or its contents, or FirstClass Personal may stop running. In this case, you might have to reinstall FirstClass Personal.
Do not:
•       rename the folder
•       move the folder, unless you also move the FirstClass folder to the same location
•       change, delete, or move anything within the folder
•       add files to any subfolders within the folder, unless instructed to by your administrator.

Backing up your personal store
Be sure you back up your personal store on a regular basis. We recommend at least once a week. This is a safeguard against losing your messages and offline Directory information in the event of hardware failure or data corruption.
The easiest way to back up your personal store is to copy the ppo folder to a diskette.