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You can create a container that acts like a FirstClass client container in list view. This is a repository for any files you upload there and want to publish as a list of files.
81203_42521_14.png        Examples of use
Store PDF files that you want visitors to download. Or create a photo gallery using thumbnails by choosing Select Fields from the context menu, adding "Thumbnail" to the list of displayed fields, then moving this field to the top of the list of displayed fields.
To create a listing folder:
1       Open Web Publishing.
2       Open the folder in which you want your listing folder, if necessary.
3       Click New Web Page.
4       Select Listing Folder.
5       Open the listing folder.
6       Click View in Browser to see the default appearance of your listing folder.
7       Change the appearance, if desired.
Click Appearance, then select the template you want your listing folder to use. You can view your choice by clicking View in Browser.
8       Change the default listing folder name, if desired.
Choose Rename from the context menu to make the name editable. Type the new name, then press Enter/Return.
9       Upload any files you want to appear in this listing folder.
You can change a file's name just as you would the list folder's name. If you want to change other properties, select the file, then open its properties.