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Creating web calendars
You can create a FirstClass-type calendar for your web site. You add calendar items just as you do to your personal calendar.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
You must add calendar items using the calendar in Web Publishing. The version on your web site is read only.
To add a calendar to your web site:
1       Open Web Publishing.
2       Open the folder in which you want your calendar, if necessary.
3       Click New Web Page.
4       Select Web Calendar.
5       Open the calendar.
6       Click View in Browser to see the default appearance of your calendar.
7       Change the appearance, if desired.
Click Appearance, then select the template you want your calendar to use. You can view your choice by clicking View in Browser.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
Both you and readers of your web site can change the dates displayed by clicking the links on either side of the date above the calendar.
8       Change the default calendar name, if desired.
Choose Rename from the context menu to make the name editable. Type the new name, then press Enter/Return.

How to access your calendar using other calendar programs
FirstClass web calendars support an iCalendar "feed" that lets your web site viewers subscribe your calendar to their calendar programs. To accomplish this, an iCal button is added to your web calendar when it is viewed in your web site.
Hovering the cursor over this button displays the URL to use for subscribing to your web calendar.
If someone doesn't have a calendar program that understands subscribing, they can click this button to download your web calendar contents in iCalendar format, then import the iCalendar file into their calendar program.