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To create a page for your web site:
1       Open Web Publishing.
2       Open the folder in which you want this page, if necessary.
3       Click New Web Page.
4       Select one of the basic web page templates.
The templates for the basic web pages are listed first.
5       Add and format the web page content.
Replace any placeholder content with your own. You can choose File > Save whenever you want to be sure your work is saved.
6       Click Save and Close when you are done.
You will be asked to supply a web page name.
81203_42521_14.png        Notes
Before you close the web page, you can give it a name (to appear in the navigation bar) and a title (to appear in the title bar), plus keywords to assist someone doing a site search.
If you have changed your mind about the folder in which you want this web page, choose File > Save As. This allows you to specify a location as well as a name.
To check your web page on the web, click View in Browser with the web page selected.