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About the Web Publishing folder
The Web Publishing folder on your Desktop is the place to put material (web pages) that you want others to view using their web browsers. FirstClass publishes the contents of Web Publishing on the web.
In addition to regular web pages, you can publish lists of uploaded files (listing folders), blogs, podcasts, links, and calendars. You can organize this material into folders, and you determine the order in which pages appear.
The left pane lists the contents of your Web Publishing folder in a tree view. To open a web page, select it in the tree view. The right pane displays the opened web page.

About your web site's structure
The tree view in your Web Publishing folder controls the structure your web site will have. All objects directly under Web Publishing (as opposed to inside a folder) will be displayed in a navigation bar on your home page. Their order in FirstClass is the same as their order on your web site.
To change the order, simply drag the objects in the tree view. You can also drag objects into and out of folders.
Defining your home page
The first object in the tree view that isn't a folder or a link is automatically your home page.

Changing your web site's overall appearance
Your web site's general appearance (colors, navigation bars, and so on) is controlled by a template. To see what your web site looks like by default, click View in Browser. You can give certain objects that you create for your web site a difference appearance.
To change your web site's overall appearance:
1       Click Appearance.
2       Select the template you want your web site to use.
To see what your choice looks like, click View in Browser.

Customizing a template
You can fine-tune the appearance of your chosen template. To do this, click the arrow portion of the Appearance button, then choose Advanced Web Config and make the changes you want.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
You can customize other templates that you have chosen for specific containers in your Web Publishing folder.
In addition to changing the template appearance for these containers, you can select "Exclude from navigation" to hide them on your web site. This lets you prevent readers from accessing these containers using the web site navigation bar, while still allowing you to give certain readers access by sending them a container's URL.

Hiding unfinished pages
If you are working on a web page and don't want it visible or accessible on your web site until you are finished, you can hide it from visitors to your web site. To do this, unapprove it. This page won't show up in your web site's navigation bar, and readers can't access it in any other way.
When you are ready to publish this page, approve it.

How others can access your web site
When you view your web site by clicking View in Browser, your web browser's address field displays your web site's URL.
This is the address to give others so they can access your web site.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
Local users can access your web site directly from FirstClass.